There are important steps that need to be taken as the owner of your site. I'll be helping with as many as you'd like me to. Go ahead and get back to doing what it is you do best while I take care of the technical aspects.



These are the items you that I'll do on your behalf and are included in every level of service. If there is something you don't see on this list, feel free to ask, I have quite a few things I can help with that aren't listed here.

  • Find out what your competitors are doing that you haven't done yet and implement those items, here is an example of of one of those reports on my own site that I left out just to show you - Sample SEO Report.
  • Investigate what keywords to target by finding out what other people are typing in and how often into the top search engines.  I currently use 5 different tools for this to find a sweet spot, terms that are typed in often but have a medium to low competition to rank for.
  • Build links to your site using high authority sites, often PR 2-9 and most importantly make sure Google recognizes them within days instead months using an Enterprise version of Back Links Indexer and a few others like it.
  • Build followers, likes, shares, social mentions, retweets, repins, etc. to your existing social media accounts.  I can even tie your social media accounts together so that when you make one post on your main account, say Facebook, all of your other accounts get updated automatically with the same variation of the post in real -time.
  • Automate unique content posting to your blogs and your social media accounts covering any topic at all, currently I have over 200 topics to choose from. This can save you so much time posting relevant content.
  • Setup a heat mapping service on your site allowing you to see recordings of what your visitors are doing on your site. More info on that service can be found here.
  • Real time reporting on ranking of all of your keywords, check them whenever you want, it will display all of the keywords you rank for in realtime comparing day to day week to week and month to month per keyword, per search engine.  You can specify any engines you'd like but I like to include the basic ones, Google, Yahoo and Bing.
  • Instant traffic and leads.  Let's not waste each others time. If you need leads now, I have a database of millions upon millions of Business to Business as well as Business to Consumers that we can hit up right now, all opt in and over 200 searchable and sortable fields.  As far as what type of data is included in each, check it out for yourself, you can specify any kind of leads you want.  Here is B2B lists I can get, here is the B2C lists details I can get.  All of these are included in any option you start with me at.  This also works well with adding more newsletter subscribers to your existing lists.
  • Another aspect of gaining immediate leads is to use a service so that whenever someone mentions something you are offer, you receive an email stating that they typed it into say Twitter, or Facebook, etc so that you can go and contact them right away and close the deal.  The importance of this can be found here.
  • Create/Convert your site in the new fashion Google wants to see it in - mobile friendly. This is actually very easy and very free. I am happy to convert your site for you and won't charge you a dime. Most other companies will wring you for this one.
  • Be noticed instantly. I can create an optimized video(s) for you and have them ranked on the top of all of your competitors videos (assuming they have any) within days. This not only helps for immediate traffic and brand recognition, but also boosts the ranking of your site. If you have existing videos, I can make sure those get much higher rankings. Many of my clients have already seen this.


This is why everyone who wants a successful business, even if you own a brick and mortar, needs to perform these tasks.

Competitor Analysis

I dig deep into what your competitors are doing and what they have done that you have not done yet. There are usually about 50-80 things I look at when combing through your competitors site. Here is a sample report to give you an idea of the typical worksheet I work off of. I also use more than 5 different keyword research platforms and tools to determine which keywords you may have overlooked or didn't even know to go after. I like looking for a sweet spot, which is a moderate/high search volume with low competition.

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Because of the database I am sitting on, I can filter out only those of your ideal clients you would like to contact.  From there, you and I will setup a custom message to send each of these contacts and do so at whatever pace you would like.  I will use an in house method of contacting these new potential clients as well as give you the database to use as you see fit in the future.  Again the details of each record can be found here - B2B lists & B2C lists. I can create custom videos or have your current ones boosted to the top. The videos I create usually hit the very top of everyone else’s in a very short time, the fastest was 30 seconds, no joke. Most of the time, the video is not only on the very top of Google's video results and YouTube results, but also shows up on the 1 page of Google's regular web searches. I have noticed 99% of the time that the videos I will create not only provide immediate traffic and exposure for the product or service in question, but it also raises the ranking of all of your keywords.

Build Links

Once I know which keywords to target, I then go out and find web 2.0 sites, social media sites, discussion groups, micro blogs, image oriented social sites, article houses, etc and create a link back to your site. Your keywords will start to move up across all of the major search engines from this alone, let alone the other tasks I will be performing. Your traffic will also start to increase because of this.

Social Media

Don't let social media intimidate you. Google will favor your website and rank you higher for showing that you are keeping your social media sites active with fresh new content on a regular basis.  I can review which social media sites you have and determine which ones you need. I can then go out and have thousands of other active social media sites start talking about yours. From there, they'll gain exposure, likes, followers, comments, etc. Google is looking for this activity and refers to it as social mentions, all of this will increase your rankings across the board.  You will also notice from this alone, that people will start searching you on search engines, again raising your rankings for a lot of sought after terms.


If you have a physical location for your store(s) I can make sure you get listed in the map area of a regular Google search. This is done by creating what is known as citations. This is part of the link building process and very important to ensure you come up first not only in the organic listings, but also the map listings as well.  You just need to make sure the citations are from reputable and relevant sites.

Heatmap Technology

This simple implementation tripled sales and boosted leads by 300% and increased opt ins by 15x in a day for a client... WITH LESS traffic than the previous day. With Heatmap technology you can ethically spy on your visitors with real-time visitor recordings, heat maps and conversion optimization that's guaranteed to increase engagement & sales. View more information here about this awesome technology.

Full Reporting

Being able to see what's working and what isn't is important with any marketing effort. This is no different. I will provide you with a link that will let you have access to real time ranking stats of your site on the top 3 search engines accessible 24/7. Click here to see a real sample of 1 month of efforts on my part for a recent client.


I often get asked about myself, how I got started in all of this. Here's the skinny...


Owner / Operator

As far as the love of computers is concerned, I started with a commodore 64 growing up (that's a ways back for you younger folks). I watched technology boom from there, I even built PC's and repaired them for a while.

Then came the 1200 through 144k baud modems. I ran a multi node bulletin board service in my parents' basement growing up with over 10 phone lines and 10 servers jam packed with apps and games and message boards. Best Buy even packed my startup disk in their PC boxes for a while.

Then came along Prodigy and AOL. I watched the internet become what it is today and have had a hand in it for some time. A few years after that I started making web pages, learning the ins and outs of indexing and ranking them. I've seen a lot come and go in that regard.

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If there's something you don't see addressed here, email me and I'll get back to you.

How are you able to charge so little?

I don't need to gouge you to convince you I know what I'm doing. I've helped hundreds of companies, a lot of which are small businesses with a tight budget. I don't have a huge overhead or employees. I work from home, and I support my family doing this full time.

How do you provide so many hours if you're just a one man show?

Quite simply over the years I've found various tasks that I perform to be so repetitive, that I learned how to program and automate some of them. So not the entire 100% of the time offered is from me personally. Some of it is written code that is being executed during a portion of that time as well.

How do you take payment?

I take PayPal, 2CO (using a credit card online), or you can always call me directly with your card information as I have my own in house merchant account. Charges will appear on your statement as My Traffic Butler or Genesis Discoveries.

How long does it take to see results on your efforts?

How long does advertising or marketing take?  Lead generation and SEO is never finished.  This is the first thing I want you to understand is that lead generation and SEO, the social media scene and link building is an ongoing process. You can stop whenever you want with me, but I can tell you one thing, your competitors probably won't and eventually you'll slide back down to where you started in the rankings, some will stick, some won't. Again, if you don't have me do it, find someone to keep the ball rolling. 

The easiest and quickest answer is the time allotment. The higher the level of service you choose from me, the more time and servers I have to work on your project, send out emails, get others interacting on your social accounts.  Most people (90%) see movement within the first month. A couple of the biggest factors include the keywords we are trying to improve the ranking for and how many competitors are trying the same thing. The size of your site (number of pages), number of inbound links when we start and the age of your site will also play into the time it will take. All of these are things I look at when we begin. After the first month I can get a very good feel for that answer and we can revisit the amount of time I'll need, a lot of people start out on the high end, get all of the big items out of the way and then downgrade and just maintain the movement of all of these aspects.  Some sites that have a lot of inbound links, but bad content and no social media presence, just need a content overhaul and more social media presence. When that is the case, results follow very quickly. When you have a great site but no links and no social media activity, then it generally takes a little longer, but it's never anything impossible, and it shouldn't scare you. You've made it this far, just a couple more steps and you'll be exactly where you want to be.

Are there any contracts, will I be locked in for a certain amount of months? 

No, this is a simple month to month plan. I have been doing this for many years and am very confident that you will be pleased with both the service and the results. As a result of my confidence I refuse to lock you into anything. I don't work that way and never have. You can cancel at ANY TIME. Simply email me and I'll make the arrangements. IMPORTANT; cancellation requests must be sent to me 7 business days prior to the recurring date after the first month has been signed up for.  On a side note, keep in mind you can upgrade or downgrade your time with me. A lot of people will start at the highest level so that everything that needs to be addressed is done so quickly, some start small and then upgrade as business increases. The budget is entirely up to you as I will be performing the same tasks no matter which option you choose, the only difference is how fast you are going to see results based on the time I am allotted.

What do you need from me ?

It would be ideal to have 5-10 keywords you wish you showed up on the first page of Google when typed in. From there I am going to do extensive keyword research and find quite a few variations of those keywords (I'll provide my findings of course as well as the suggested site changes if any).  My results (again, which I'll share with you), show me the level of competition for the keywords, how often they are typed in and our likelihood of ranking for them. I like to look for a sweet spot which are terms that are typed in often, but have low to medium level of competition. The other thing I would like to have is the URLs to your videos should you have any, as well as the URLs of your social media accounts.  To speed this process up email me after you sign up with those items.

Can I ever get a hold of you to discuss other projects I don't see prior to ordering?

Of course you can, I offer all kinds of various other help, tweaking wordpress apps, getting people to download and vote on mobile apps, sign up for a service, fill out serveys, visit a page and do anything you like, you name it, I can get people doing it right away.  This is what I do and have done and will do for years to come.  Real visitors, real results.

Do you need anything from me to create videos?
The short answer is no. I take pictures, either ones you provide or relevant ones from your site.  I will also simply take text from your own site to be spoken over the video(s).  I'll even include links back to your site embedded into the description and video. I will then optimize the video so that it's rich with your keywords so that it ranks high and ranks fast.  If you do a search for Industrial Machine Lighting, you will see one I created on the first page of Google's search results as well as at the very top of the results on a YouTube search. I ranked that video within minutes of publishing it. Nothing was needed from the client to accomplish this. The more top ranked videos you have, the more traffic you will receive and the faster your keywords will raise, this will be an ongoing procedure.

Do you do any consulting work?
I do, we just need to decide what it is exactly that I'll be walking you through, from site alterations, to plugin tweaks, amazon/eBay/setting up and optimizing adwords/retargeting/heatmap, etc.  The tweaking advice I can give is extensive no matter what position you're in.

Immediate Leads?
Yes, again I will take lists I already have as well as create videos and encourage immade search traffic so that you start seeing immediate influences no matter what industry you're in and make sure you get leads.  This is the ultimate goal of anyone who is in business, brick and mortar to worldwide.



You haven't made it this far with your business by making bad decisions. Since I am a one man show working from home with no employees or overhead, you won't need to take out a loan to have me help out your business. I will be setting up your project and working on it up to 4 hours a day. The more time I have to work on your projects the faster we're going to see results. I'm running a special this month so be sure and lock in the price listed. It'll never raise on you as I add more tools and services.

I accept PayPal, 2CO (using a credit card online), or you can always call me directly with card info as I have my own in house merchant account. If you have any questions that I don't cover in the FAQ section, simply contact me by going here, the contact page.

All of the below options include a one time startup fee of 50 dollars to cover initial report creation, initial setup across the servers and of course the research needed. Use the 2CO button if you'd like to use a major credit card online through a secure connection. Use the PayPal button if you'd like to use your PayPal account to pay for the service. If you'd rather call me with your credit card information, simply get a hold of me at 708-320-3171. Charges may appear on your statement as My Traffic Butler or Genesis Discoveries. Keep in mind any of these recurring services can be canceled, upgraded or downgraded at any time. By signing up for the services rendered from this vendor you agree to the terms and services in the FAQ section as well as agree to forfeit the initial setup fee of 50 US dollars for any/all of the setup fee.

  • $198 Lock In At $99
    Per Month 集成化、智能化亮点纷呈 蜂巢易创发布“I纪元”动力总成技术 ...:2021-6-21 · 6月20日,主题为“蜂起云涌·巢动未来“的“2021蜂巢易创新一代动力总成技术发布会”在长城汽车哈弗技术中心举办。长城汽车旗下蜂巢易创科技有限公司(以下简称“蜂巢易创”)正式发布包括4N20发动机、9DCT变速器、6001系列电驱动在内的“Ⅰ纪元”动力总成技术产品。
    30 Minutes A Day
  • This option is usually chosen by small businesses on very limited budgets. This includes everything mentioned above at 30 minutes a day.  This is for startups that want to see keyword rankings increase over a measured amount time including social media interactions/mentions of their site/offer,  keywords of search traffic increase, as well as lead generation by contacting 1000+ potential buyers a month.
  • $336 Lock In At $168 per month
    1 Hour A Day
  • Twice as strong as the first option.  This includes everything mentioned above at 30 minutes a day.  This is for startups that want to see keyword rankings increase over a measured amount time including social media interactions/mentions of their site/offer,  keywords of search traffic increase, as well as lead generation by contacting 5000+ potential buyers a month.
  • $536 Lock In At $268 男子因出售VPN被判有期徒刑三年 罚金10000元-中国法院网 ...:2021-10-9 · 近日,上海市宝山区人民法院依法公开开庭宣判被告人戴某提供侵入、非法控制计算机信息系统程序、工具罪一案,判处有期徒刑三年,缓刑三年,并处罚金人民币一万元。
    2 Hours A Day
  • Chosen quite often by medium sized businesses that have established themselves or by small businesses that are ready to take it to the next level.  This includes everything above plus 10,000 plus potential buyers a month seeing your offer as soon as we start.


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" I think it's been about 7 years now Winston and I have worked together. He continues to work on and make sure my site comes up first when someone types in Clothing Labels. " - Lisa R.
Lisa Rosenberg
Clothnig Labels 4 U
" The extra traffic that has been provided have turned the tables on all of our ventures" - Steve Levy
Steve Levy
" We have over 20 first page listings for various keywords that we didn't have prior to working with Winston. Have been with him for years, will be for years to come. " - Tom
Tom Marto


Feel free to email me with any questions or to request an updated ranking report.

Contact Info

Genesis Discoveries, LLC
PO Box 8963
Cedar Rapids, IA 52408
Linn County
P: 708-320-3171
Hours Of Operation: 8am-5pm Central Standard Time