Keep your customers playing longer and coming back for more. We have an expert’s understanding of your market, your players and your fraud challenges from registration right through to withdrawal.

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95% of our gambling customers saw ROI within 1 year after implementing FraudForce.

Source: TechValidate

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94% of gambling customers said our solutions improve their customers’ experience by linking fraudulent devices without the need for personal data.
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80% of customers reduced their manual fraud reviews by 50% or more using our solutions.

Source: TechValidate


As well as stopping fraudsters from connecting, we’ll alert you when VIPs come online, so you’ll feel comfortable knowing it’s a real, valued customer who deserves to be treated as one.

  • Prevent cheating schemes and bonus abuse.

    When we detect a device that’s been involved in specific types of abuse, fraud or cheating behavior, we alert you before that cheater can play. Prevent a few dishonest players from ruining it for everyone.

  • Manage player self-exclusion and promote responsible gambling.

    You’re accountable for ensuring self-excluders don’t gain access again. Learn how to identify and block these customers so you’re compliant with self-exclusion regulations. You’ll also prevent losses resulting from serial self-excluders who claim losses.

  • Spot fraud rings faster, and shut them down sooner.

    When a device tries to connect to your site or app, we immediately know its reputation (and reputation of other devices in its history). The dots are connected instantly, identifying fraud rings on the spot who are collaborating to defraud, launder money and abuse your services.

  • Easily and quickly welcome new players into your sites or apps.

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Our customers are very important to us, and knowing who’s good makes all the difference in protecting and enhancing their experience with Paf.

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Prevent player abuse and fraud, attract new customers, and provide incentives for your best customers to increase brand loyalty.

Reward your VIP players while stopping:

  • Player collusion
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  • Cheating
  • Player self exclusion
  • Account takeover

Trusted by some of the biggest names in gambling.