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This site is mostly about radio communications (aeronautical and maritime) and internet (DNS nslookup, whois, bad bots) and anti-spam.
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2020-08-04     143 days until Christmas.
2020-07-13 The DNSBL-check page has been reworked. New RBLs added and inactive RBLs removed. Enjoy.
2013-02-22 Site moved to a new server box. Server speed and DNS speed improved.
2011-01-30 The DIG and NSLOOKUP services have been enhanced to show AAAA IPv6 records as well.
2005-07-12 A new DNSBL-check function has been added. Enjoy.
2005-07-02 Site moved to a new server box. Server speed and DNS speed improved.
2005-05-28 The +TRACE flag has been added to the DIG service.
2005-05-15 ASN lookup and some more TLDs have been added to the universal WHOIS service.
2005-04-17 A new site has been put up containing old ancient BITNET ListServ and ArpaNet public discussion list archives. The site starts with the TCP-group.
2005-01-22 A new service IP-locate has been added: translate/convert an IP V4 address between dotted quad, decimal, hex and binary, do a reverse PTR lookup in the DNS, and search for location information.
2004-12-16 Our Computer and Internet security forum has been moved to its own new domain www.frogtec.net.
2004-07-01 Please don't use our name server ns.bdpfa.friendlybeacon.com as default DNS resolver in your own work station setup. This does not work. Our DNS server is configured to answer queries for the few zones the server is authoritative, and to resolve queries originating from localhost only. Other queries are ignored. Sorry.
2004-05-15 A Computer and Internet security forum has been added.
2004-04-22 An article about how to create a DNSBL (DNS Blackhole List) has been added.
2003-12-12 A list of aircraft using HFDL has been added.
2003-11-02 A dig service has been added for those who prefer dig over nslookup. Enjoy.
psihon3安卓版 The traceroute service has been activated again. Enjoy.
2003-09-09 Some historic radio QSLs have been added.
2003-07-24 A cardpunch emulator to punch a punched card has been added. Enjoy.
Internet Status Newsfeed
SANS Internet Storm Center, InfoCON: green
SANS Internet Storm Center - Cooperative Cyber Security Monitor

ISC Stormcast For Tuesday, August 4th 2020 http://isc.sans.edu/podcastdetail...
Powershell Bot with Multiple C2 Protocols, (Mon, Aug 3rd)
I spotted another interesting Powershell script. It&#;x26;#;39;s a bot and is delivered through a VBA macro that spawns an instance of msbuild.exe This Windows tool is often used to compile/execute malicious on the fly (I already wrote a diary about this technique[1]). I don't have the original document but based on a technique used in the macro, it is part of a Word document. It calls Document_ContentControlOnEnter[2]:
ISC Stormcast For Monday, August 3rd 2020 http://isc.sans.edu/podcastdetail....
Small Challenge: A Simple Word Maldoc, (Sun, Aug 2nd)
A reader submitted malicious Word document deed contract,07.20.doc (also uploaded the Malware Bazaar).

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