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Whether you want to prepare for an entry-level career in accounting, earn transferable credit toward a degree program, or are a small business owner who wants to make informed economic decisions, our four-course Accounting Fundamentals certificate can set you up for success. Learn essential accounting principles and practices from industry experts by taking classes at your convenience online.

12-Credit Online Graduate Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals

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  • Decipher and prepare financial statements.
  • Understand legal liabilities, risk analysis, and ethics concerning accounting methodology.
  • Analyze pensions, investments, liabilities, bonds, notes, leases, and intangibles.
  • Identify issues relating to property tax, investment, compensation, retirement, and estates.


This program is designed to prepare:

  • Business owners in assessing financial parameters.
  • Career-changers requiring an accounting background.
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  • Those contemplating a graduate degree who seek a low-risk opportunity to test-the-waters.

Please submit application materials by:

Admission is typically for the fall semester. For preferred consideration please apply by June 1, for fall semester.
Admission decisions may be made in approximately three to five weeks from the time an application becomes complete.

A Bachelor's degree is required to apply for the Graduate Certificate in Accounting Fundamentals.

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Online Advanced Business Graduate
in Accounting Analytics

This graduate-level certificate helps accounting and finance professionals develop an analytical mindset, preparing them with the skills need to interact with data scientists.

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通全球官网Online Masters of
Science in Accounting

The program ranks 9th in the nation! Earning an MSA from UConn can open the doors to leadership positions, help you increase your earning potential, and even fuel a career switch.

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- Jefferson Betancourt, MS in Accounting graduate, UConn


Jefferson Betancourt had been working in the finance industry since graduating from college in 2011, when he decided he wanted to take his career to the next level. He set his sights on earning an MS in Accounting (MSA) for one simple reason. He felt that this credential, in addition to his undergraduate degree in finance, would give him a significant competitive edge—and the potential to get a job with greater responsibility and a higher salary.

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